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The Venture Capital Roundtable reviews every application to pitch carefully and selects only those we think have the best potential for a return on investment. 

Criteria to Pitch

After we review your application, we'll contact you if we'd like to have you pitch to our members, or not. If we decide not to have you come in and pitch it isn't a reflection on your or your company. It just means it isn’t an investment opportunity that meets our criteria at this particular time.


If we're interested in having you come in and pitch, we'll follow-up by phone or in person to gather more information. We'd like to learn more about your value proposition, target markets, and management team to discern if there's a fit between your business and our members. This meeting will help both parties achieve a "meeting of the minds". 


When we invite you to pitch, you'll be provided with information about the venue, dates and the audience

"There's nothing wrong with raising venture capital. Many lean startups are ambitious and are able to deploy large amounts of capital. What differentiates them is their disciplined approach to determining when to spend money: after the fundamental elements of the business model have been empirically validated."
- Eric Reis
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