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Since 2001, the Venture Capital Roundtable has been committed to your success.

Welcome to The Venture Capital Roundtable. The purpose of The Venture Capital Roundtable is to provide a private forum for regular interaction between the members. The members of The Venture Capital Roundtable are investors, attorneys, corporate strategists, and seasoned corporate leaders from the Silicon Valley. 


The Venture Capital Roundtable provides its members with the best opportunity to:


  • Find out about other venture funds investing in your space for prospective syndication 

  • Exchange thoughts on various deals and technologies

  • Hear the latest corporate technology roadmaps

  • Exchange ideas and new venture business and revenue models with your peers

  • Learn about the latest technology transfer opportunities

  • Explore the latest deal structures and financing trends

  • Share domain expertise and collaborate on venture opportunities, including technology, healthcare and life science related deals

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