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The Venture Capital Roundtable encourages entrepreneurs to consider these tips when submitting a request to pitch.  

Share what you feel comfortable sharing and remember that most of the value is created in the execution, not the idea itself. Also, know that we value your confidentiality and will not divulge sensitive information.


Explain in simple terms what your company sells, the need your product/service fulfills, and how you plan to make money.


Explain how investors will profit by investing in your company. Describe the expected returns you believe are reasonable based upon what other companies in your industry have done. Or project what you see as potential earnings with supporting evidence.


If you have a video describing your idea and company, that is always helpful.


Here are some considerations:  


  • Describe your team’s experience and track-record of previous success.

  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

  • Explain the significant, protected intellectual property for your business, if any.

  • Provide a SWOT analysis for your business.

  • What is your unique approach to selling that promises to generate more customers at a lower cost than competitors?

  • Demonstrate the traction with customers that validate your business model. Can you provide research to validate your potential market?

  • Describe the market and its size your company will reach.

  • Outline your plans for growth and expansion (e.g. strategic partners, channels, buying and selling process).

  • Who are your competitors and what are their strengths vis a vis your company and its product or service?

  • What are your business priorities?

  • What milestones and benchmarks have you set to measure your progress?

  • How will your company make money sustainably into the future?

  • What are your exit options (or alternatives)?

  • How much funding do you need—and why?

  • How did you arrive at the current valuation for your company?

  • What are your financial projections—3 – 5 years, revenues, expenses, EBITDA?

  • Who are your other investors (if any) and where have you pitched before? (Our members need to respect other investor groups since we often work with them on deals).

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